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  • Outstanding VoIP phone quality
  • Low rates
  • No contract
  • Multiple point connections

Gold Leaf Telecom offers unmatched telecommunication VoIP services with this range of home phones which enables users across Canada to make unlimited calls for just $15.95/month. Not just that, we offer various features and plans that have distinct features to suit different needs of our various customers.

Our main priority for more than 15 years is the perfect quality service. We are always working under improvements and happy to inform our dear customers that as of September 01, 2016 we are switching to a more powerful server.

Most services will update automatically (within 24 hours), but if you notice that your home phone is not working, please restart the phone adapter by power off for 3-5 minutes. In case if service is still not working contact us at ‎1-855-458-2255.



– Unlimited incoming calls
– Low long distance rates



– Unlimited incoming calls
– Canada-wide unlimited calls
– Low long distance rates



– Unlimited incoming calls
– Unlimited Canada-wide calls
– Unlimited USA calls
– Low long distance rates



– Unlimited incoming calls
– Unlimited Canada-wide calls
– Unlimited USA calls
– Unlimited calls in 60 countries
– Low long distance rates

Multiple point connections

Connect your home phone number from several devices simultaneously.


User-friendly voicemail system so your callers can always leave a message if you do not answer.

Do Not Disturb

Allows you not to be disturbed with call ringing and have your calls go straight to voicemail.

Caller ID with Name

Caller’s name and phone number are conveniently displayed on your phone.

Keep Your Number

You can keep your current phone number when you sign up for Gold Leaf Telecom Home Phone and you can even keep your number if you move across the country. Our Home Phone makes it easy to move – all you need is an internet connection. No need to deal with getting a local phone number.

Call Waiting With Caller ID

You can accept a second call when you are already on the phone and place the first caller on hold. Allows you to see who is calling on a second incoming call so you can decide whether to take the call or send it to voicemail.

Call Transfer

Transfer any calls to another phone number while you are on a call. If you are on a call with one person and want to transfer them to another individual, you can transfer the call and they will be connected. You can transfer calls to a cell, landline or VoIP number.

3-Way Calling

This allows you to have a conference call with up to 2 other people.

Multiply phone numbers

You can have several phone number for you Home Phone. Even phone numbers from other country.

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