Business Phone

  • Pay for number of phone lines required
  • Crystal clear call quality
  • Supports multi-location offices
  • Pay Month to Month

Pay-per-Line Plans and Pricing

Get the complete Phone System with every Business phone service plan. Choose a plan according to your company’s need and get all -inclusive features without any additional cost. Let us manage and maintain your business phone system with 24/7 support. With our pay-per-line pricing model, rule of thumb is 1 phone line per 2-3 users.

Local Buisness

$24.95 /month

Free Canada number

Unlimited Canada Calls

North America Business

$29.95 /month

Free Canada or Toll Free number

Unlimited Canada & US calls

Features Included:

Caller ID
Name Display
Call recordings
Voicemail to email
Follow me
Call Waiting
Call Transfer
3 Way Calling
911 Call
Call Queue
Shared Lines
Music on Hold

Additional Phone Numbers

For $3/month get an additional Canada / US / Toll Free phone number

Incoming Toll Free rate

2.5 cents / minute

  The list goes on and they all come free with Business Phone Service Plans.